According to a recent Nielsen survey, 39% of Americans are actively trying to eat more plant-based foods. Interestingly, many shoppers aren’t purchasing traditional plant-based options like tofu, brown rice, and granola. Within the plant-based food space, innovation is key and a wide array of plant-based alternatives are what are catching consumer’s eye. Maybe you’ve even noticed the new assortment of plant-based patties alongside the typical ground beef burger patties in your grocery store. If you are someone who is looking to increase the plant-based foods in your diet, the following options are a great starting point for your next summertime barbecue.  Plant-Based Patties Brands like the Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger have figured out a way to create meatless burger patties that look and taste just like the real thing! If you haven’t tried either of these patties, be sure to add them to your shopping list. Veggie Hot Dogs Read the full article →

Summer has arrived which means it’s time to pick up a bottle of your favorite SPF sunscreen. While you might be LOLing at the beach the most important acronym to use as the temperatures rise is SPF.  SPF stands for sun protection factor and it is the level of defense your sunscreen has against UVB rays which are the sun rays that cause sunburn. Plus, if your sunscreen says Broad Spectrum it also protects you from the UVA rays which cause skin cancer, skin aging, and damage to the skin. Be sure to read the label before purchasing your next bottle of Banana Boat to know exactly which level of protection you’re getting.  Did you know that exposing yourself to the sun without using SPF in the long-term can lead to skin damage that causes wrinkles, sagging, sunspots, freckles, and enlarged pores? Save your future self from an intense anti-aging Read the full article →

As temperatures rise this summer, so will your chances of getting sunburned and dehydrated – both of which increase the level of inflammation in your body. Inflammation is the body’s reaction when we become injured or unknown invaders enter our system. A healthy immune system is fighting to keep out infection at all times but when the immune system becomes overactive or defective, inflammation begins. Did you know that inflammation is often the cause of many health conditions like heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and rheumatoid arthritis? Inflammation can also worsen symptoms of other health conditions. So how do you control your body’s inflammation? Six Ways To Control Inflammation This Summer Lessen Your Sugar Intake Whether it’s sugary junk food, processed food, or just too many carbohydrates… it’s time to cut back! Why? Because when you eat these foods, the quick sugar peaks in your body directly cause inflammation. Plus, you’ll probably Read the full article →