Don’t Forget The SPF On Your Next Beach Trip

Don't Forget The SPF On Your Next Beach Trip

Summer has arrived which means it’s time to pick up a bottle of your favorite SPF sunscreen. While you might be LOLing at the beach the most important acronym to use as the temperatures rise is SPF

SPF stands for sun protection factor and it is the level of defense your sunscreen has against UVB rays which are the sun rays that cause sunburn. Plus, if your sunscreen says Broad Spectrum it also protects you from the UVA rays which cause skin cancer, skin aging, and damage to the skin. Be sure to read the label before purchasing your next bottle of Banana Boat to know exactly which level of protection you’re getting. 

Did you know that exposing yourself to the sun without using SPF in the long-term can lead to skin damage that causes wrinkles, sagging, sunspots, freckles, and enlarged pores? Save your future self from an intense anti-aging skin-care routine by applying the sunscreen now, before it’s too late. 

Although using sunscreen will improve your chances against the sun, it doesn’t protect your skin from 100% of the UV rays. That being said, a high SPF sunscreen should be used in addition to monitoring your sun exposure. Add hats and sunglasses to your beach outfit and avoid hours of direct sunlight when scheduling your trip to the sand. 

Want even more protection from the sun? Choose clothing with a high UPF which will protect you from ultraviolet rays. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, “UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor. It indicates what fraction of the sun’s ultraviolet rays can penetrate the fabric. A shirt with a UPF of 50, for example, allows just 1/50th of the sun’s UV radiation to reach the skin.” 

Obviously if you’re thinking about going out to the pool or playing some outdoor yard games with the family this weekend it’s imperative to lather up with your SPF fueled sunscreen. And don’t forget to re-apply every two hours!

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